Saturday, March 28, 2015

Your Bijoux Box March 2015

In my search for everyday jewelry, I ran across a subscription service called Your Bijoux Box. This box costs $35/month and includes three pieces of "hand curated jewelry." See their FAQ page for more information. 

This box is different from Wantable's Accessories Box. Instead of Wantable's customization, the three pieces are chosen by stylists who keep their eye on current trends. Consequently, you get no say in the process. However, if you like their taste, then this box may be for you.

(Fyi, if you're unsure about the style of the pieces, Your Bijoux Box posts past boxes on their website and their Instagram pages).

I looked at their past boxes and was intrigued. I signed up for their March box and got:

Avril Chain:

This is a long chain necklace that I can see paired with maxi dresses or white T-shirts. I love gold and blue together. While this isn't something I'm really excited about, I can see myself wearing it throughout the spring and summer months.

The quality is what I would expect from a box that cost $35. I'm happy to say that I wore it around Boston for a couple of hours and I didn't break out in a rash. Therefore, this necklace is nickel-allergy safe!

Elyse Emerald Necklace:
I finally, FINALLY got my statement necklace! This is shiny and brightly colored, which is really all that I was looking for. 

The weight seems good and the "stones" look like they'll stay on the necklace. There's nothing more irritating than a statement necklace that loses its stones (looking at you H&M flower necklace....). I hate to compare, but the quality of this necklace is in my opinion much higher than the statement necklace I received in my Wantable box.

Bonus: it's green! I got this necklace right in time for St. Patrick's Day. In different lighting, the top bars on the necklace look either yellow or light green. Somehow this makes the necklace pair well with almost any color of green shirt, which makes it surprisingly versatile. 

Etoile Necklace:

This is a fun delicate necklace. It reminds me of a star, which ultimately reminds me of my Astronomy roots. I also really like the alternating detail on the gold chain.

Add on: Spring Posey Collar

I couldn't help it, but I bought this necklace as an add-on. One of the benefits about being a subscriber is that you can purchase pieces that non-members can't. This was one of the pieces that I fell in love with.

The prices of add-on pieces vary. This one was $18, although other pieces have been listed as low as $10.

I enjoyed this subscription and will continue to subscribe. My taste in jewelry seems to run fairly close to the stylists for this box, and I feel the quality is very good for the price of the box.

And, to be honest, I just bought another add-on for April's box so....  be on the lookout for next month's box! :)

Friday, March 27, 2015

March 2015 Stitch Fix

It's my favorite time of the month... my Stitch Fix arrived!

If you don't know what Stitch Fix is, check out my intro post. Here's my past fixes (that I've put up on this blog):

December 2014
January 2015
January/February 2015
February 2015

I thought it would be fun to include my note to my stylist. I'm always impressed by how closely Shan follows my requests. For this month, I asked for:

Note: "Spring, spring... I desperately want spring to arrive in New England. I would love, above all, for florals in my next Fix. I also love white, lace, and bright colors like coral and turquoise this time of year. I also have law prom coming up on April 18th. If you have anything formal (it's a ball), I'd appreciate it in this box even if the price is higher than normal."

And I got...

Isaac Floral Print Tab-Sleeve Blouse:

The first thing I pulled out of my box was this floral blouse. This is perfection for spring! I've been looking for a floral print on a white/cream background, but have had a hard time tracking something similar down.

The only problems with this shirt is the tab sleeves (I find tab sleeves commonly look sloppy on me) and the size. Even though my size in tops is set to "small" on my Style Profile, I ended getting mediums for all my shirts! I'm not sure how the mix-up happened, although I did recently increase my size for dresses and outerwear.

I emailed customer service and asked if they had this top in my size in stock. Luckily, they had this shirt and will send me an exchange.

Verdict: KEPT (after exchange)

Moni Geo Print & Camisole Blouse:

This top certainly satisfies my request for "bright colors." I actually like the pattern and hope to incorporate more patterns into my wardrobe. This is a shirt I've actually received before in black, but I requested this shirt in more colors/patterns because I love the style. It's a shirt I could wear with leggings/jeggings since it covers the bum.

Again, however, this shirt was too large. Luckily Stitch Fix also had this in stock in my size, and so they'll be exchanging this top too.

Verdict: KEPT (after exchange)

Alessandria Crochet Bib Lace Top:

I asked for "white, lace", and this top certainly fits that request. I have mixed feelings about this top. While it's light and airy, which is perfect for spring, I'm not really a peasant top sort of girl (although I'm not sure if this actually is a peasant top - I'm pretty ignorant about fashion). I'm also not crazy about the sleeves that cinch in at the wrists.

However, I can't help but wonder if I'm not giving this top a chance. Like the other shirts, this was too large for me. Since I couldn't return an exchanged item, I decided to let this one go.

Verdict: SENT BACK

Addie V-Neck Dress:

This is the dress that was sent to me for Barrister's Ball. I was certain the dress would be unflattering on me when I pulled it out of the box.

To my surprise, I think it looks pretty good on me. I'm hesitant about sleeveless dresses, since I feel my arms are a little chubby. However, I don't have a LBD and I feel like this could be worn on date nights. Therefore, because of its versatility, I'm keeping it.

Verdict: KEPT

Tamar Lace Detail Sweater:

My last item was a sweatshirt with lace insets. The lace insets are present in both the front and the back.

I like the idea of this, but it just didn't fit my style. I'm generally not a fan of sweatshirts because I feel like they're too boxy. This one was no exception.

Verdict: SENT BACK

Barring the sizing problem, I felt like the customization of this fix was very good. I asked for "florals" and "white, lace, and bright colors." I also asked for a dress for Barristers Ball. In response, Shan sent me a floral blouse, a colorful top, two tops with lace, and a dress. She pretty much hit every request I threw at her this fix!

I would also like to give a shout out to Stitch Fix's customer service. They responded to my email within the same day I sent it and were courteous throughout the entire process. I'll report back on the exchange process, but I really appreciate good customer service!