Saturday, March 28, 2015

Your Bijoux Box March 2015

In my search for everyday jewelry, I ran across a subscription service called Your Bijoux Box. This box costs $35/month and includes three pieces of "hand curated jewelry." See their FAQ page for more information. 

This box is different from Wantable's Accessories Box. Instead of Wantable's customization, the three pieces are chosen by stylists who keep their eye on current trends. Consequently, you get no say in the process. However, if you like their taste, then this box may be for you.

(Fyi, if you're unsure about the style of the pieces, Your Bijoux Box posts past boxes on their website and their Instagram pages).

I looked at their past boxes and was intrigued. I signed up for their March box and got:

Avril Chain:

This is a long chain necklace that I can see paired with maxi dresses or white T-shirts. I love gold and blue together. While this isn't something I'm really excited about, I can see myself wearing it throughout the spring and summer months.

The quality is what I would expect from a box that cost $35. I'm happy to say that I wore it around Boston for a couple of hours and I didn't break out in a rash. Therefore, this necklace is nickel-allergy safe!

Elyse Emerald Necklace:
I finally, FINALLY got my statement necklace! This is shiny and brightly colored, which is really all that I was looking for. 

The weight seems good and the "stones" look like they'll stay on the necklace. There's nothing more irritating than a statement necklace that loses its stones (looking at you H&M flower necklace....). I hate to compare, but the quality of this necklace is in my opinion much higher than the statement necklace I received in my Wantable box.

Bonus: it's green! I got this necklace right in time for St. Patrick's Day. In different lighting, the top bars on the necklace look either yellow or light green. Somehow this makes the necklace pair well with almost any color of green shirt, which makes it surprisingly versatile. 

Etoile Necklace:

This is a fun delicate necklace. It reminds me of a star, which ultimately reminds me of my Astronomy roots. I also really like the alternating detail on the gold chain.

Add on: Spring Posey Collar

I couldn't help it, but I bought this necklace as an add-on. One of the benefits about being a subscriber is that you can purchase pieces that non-members can't. This was one of the pieces that I fell in love with.

The prices of add-on pieces vary. This one was $18, although other pieces have been listed as low as $10.

I enjoyed this subscription and will continue to subscribe. My taste in jewelry seems to run fairly close to the stylists for this box, and I feel the quality is very good for the price of the box.

And, to be honest, I just bought another add-on for April's box so....  be on the lookout for next month's box! :)

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