Thursday, May 7, 2015

April 2015 Stitch Fix

I'm a little bit late, but here's my 15th Stitch Fix box!

If you don't know what Stitch Fix is, check out my intro post.

This month, my note to my stylist was: "I really loved the bright colors and prints from my last fix! My wardrobe is currently lacking in those two areas, so I would like more of those types of pieces. I'm also getting into the nautical theme as the weather starts to warm up!" 

Shan wrote that she was "definitely going to keep an eye out for some nautical themed pieces" (which means no nautical pieces were in inventory), but for the rest of the box, I got:

Abbi Reversible Skirt:
First Side
Second Side

You guys... this is a reversible skirt! 2 in 1! I really love the idea of this - getting more use out of one piece of clothing.

This skirt is also a-line (which is flattering for my body type), hits right above my knee, and is very, very soft. I also like the pattern on the first side.

Verdict: KEPT!

Elaine 3/4 Sleeve Pleat Waist Dress:

I've actually received this dress before in maroon (see here). While I was kind of disappointed to get the same thing, I like the style of this dress and I looooooove the teal green color. I could have been persuaded to buy this again. However, it came with a broken zipper.


Yup, the last time I got this dress, the zipper was broken. In fact, in my previous post, I was doing the exact same thing I'm doing here: holding the dress together. My mother fixed the first dress, but because of the way the dress is sewn, it was hard to fix perfectly. Needless to say, the dress itself is prone to zipper breakage, and there was no way I'd pay for another version (even though I adore the teal green color much more than the maroon).


Verdict: RETURNED.

Ashlee Floral Print Swiss Dot Blouse:
I really like this floral blouse. I told my stylist I wanted some prints, and this has subtle polka dots mixed with the flowers. While I was unsure how I felt about grey this time of year, I feel like it worked with the brighter colors in the flowers. It also fit perfectly and was light and airy.

Phil thought it looked like a grandma shirt, but... eh, I like it and that's what matters. 

Verdict: KEPT!

Montezuma Split Neck Blouse:

Sigh... I wanted to like this shirt. I really did. I like the bright color, the subtle heart print, and the lightness of the fabric, but... it looked terrible on me.

Dem arms though...
My arms! Eeew! Something about the sleeves did not work with my body type. It looked almost as if this would be a short sleeved shirt, which is the sleeve type I like best, but it ended up being a cross between short sleeves and sleeveless. It was as if the large arm holes were made for a sleeveless shirt, but they added a large hem to make a "sleeve."

I'm not sure if this was intended to be a looser shirt for someone with smaller shoulders, but it looked almost trailer trash on me. :( I could see it looking amazing for someone much more slender than me though (dang you curves....).

Verdict: RETURNED.

Kathy Striped Fit And Flare Dress:

This dress was... ok. I liked receiving something with stripes, and something about this makes me think I could get a French vibe going on. I also really like fit and flare dresses.

But it just didn't seem to click with me. I don't like puffy sleeves (I feel like I need to minimize my shoulders - not maximize them), and the fabric seemed heavy for the summer. Had I kept another piece, I might have been persuaded to keep this one.

Interestingly, I know someone who has this dress, and it looks amazing on her. It's funny how things look different on different bodies, but that's the challenge in fashion, right?

Verdict: RETURNED.

As far as following my requests, my stylist, once again, picked out pieces that were related to those requests. I asked for bright colors, and 3/5 pieces were colorful. I also asked for prints, and 4/5 of the pieces had prints. While I was expecting more color, I can definitely see why Shan picked out the pieces she did (and that I may not have been very clear about wanting bright colors in every piece, ha ha!). I imagine it must be hard to style someone you've never met and who has never described their style in more than... say... 2-3 sentences each month.

I will, unfortunately, have to take a small break from Stitch Fix from May-August. I'm leaving to work at a law firm in San Francisco, and I'm not sure where I'll be getting mail and how much I can bring back. If I find it's relatively easy to get Fixes, I'll contact them and reinstate my subscription for those months, but... the thought of not getting Fixes is so sad!

I have one more box for this month (May) that Stitch Fix has kindly expedited for me. Stitch Fix's Customer Service made it super easy to put my subscription on hold and expedite a box. I really appreciate great Customer Service in a company, and I have nothing but good things to say about Stitch Fix's Customer Service.

Until next time, school's out for the summer! Enjoy it!