Saturday, December 6, 2014

December 2014 Stitch Fix

This past week, I received my monthly Stitch Fix box!

For those of you who don't know, Stitch Fix is a service that sends you 5 items of clothing and/or accessories picked out by a stylist. I started this service because (1) I can't style myself; (2) I hate shopping; and (3) I'm clueless about dressing professionally.

Stitch Fix costs about $20 a month, although that's applied to the cost of the clothing item(s) you choose to keep. You get a 25% total discount if you keep the whole box. For more information, see Stitch Fix's general information.

Ever since I switched to law, I realized that I was hopeless when it came to dressing professionally. I came from a science background: my parents were scientists, my friends were scientists, and my role models were scientists. In science, dressing professionally meant you wore jeans with no holes in them.

Law was a whole new ball game.

Thus, my obsession with Stitch Fix was born.

So, without further ado, let's see what they sent me this month!

1. Jago Short Sleeve Studded Sweater Dress

This navy blue sweater dress is very comfortable. It has small studs throughout that add a little sparkle, which I think will be perfect for holiday parties. The top also has some nice subtle cutout detailing. Also, although this dress is a sweater dress, it's not especially warm or thick, which means I could probably wear it in any season. Overall, because of the comfort, I love this dress.

Verdict: KEPT.

2. Elaine 3/4 Pleat Waist Dress

This burgundy dress is really flattering for my body type. I love the cinched in waist, and the color is gorgeous for this time of year. And... it has pockets! This dress is also great for both work (throw on a blazer!) and after-work hours. The only bummer with this dress is that the zipper was broken. :( I'm actually holding the dress together in the picture, ha ha! Luckily, my mother knows how to fix zippers.

Verdict: KEPT.

3. McQue Solid Lace Sleeve Blouse
Casual, with jeans.

Business Casual
Close up of lace sleeves
I pinned this top, and boy do I love it! It's navy blue (a color I love), fits wonderfully, and has lace sleeves! Lace sleeves! I wore this last night on a date with Phil.

Verdict: KEPT.

4. Bethany Lace Bib Half-Button Blouse
Business Casual
Lace detailing on back
Not going to lie, when I first pulled this out of the box, I thought "grandma shirt." But the special thing about Stitch Fix is that you have to try everything on before passing judgment. I ended up really liking this shirt. I think it's better suited for work attire than casual, although I'll have to figure out how to disguise my bra straps better before I'm comfortable wearing it in a formal environment. I love the color (so versatile and crisp!) and how it's just slightly see through. I think luxury when I wear this shirt.

I'm pretty sure I'll be wearing the blouse with the navy pencil skirt (and matching blazer, of course!) for my oral argument on Monday.

Verdict: KEPT.

5. Ivy Feather Print Blouse

And last but not least, this shirt was also one that I didn't think favorably of when I pulled it out. The feather print made me think that this shirt was "so San Francisco," in that it reminded me of hippies in the 70's. However, when I put it on, I liked it as well. It's a comfortable and flowy shirt, although a bit oversized, and deep down I'm a sucker for anything with birds. (I used to have a big birdfeeder at my old apartment in Tucson, and I kind of miss it). 

Also, I'm attracted to this shirt because it reminds me of San Francisco. I'll be working at a firm in San Francisco this summer, so it'll be nice to have something fun to wear while I'm there!

Verdict: KEPT.

So, yup... I kept the WHOLE BOX! My stylist knocked it out of the park on this one. I got a bunch of pieces that I love and are great for both work and weekend wear. What more could a girl ask for? Thanks Stitch Fix!

What do you think? Are there pieces you disagree with me on? Also, if you're interested in Stitch Fix, here's my referral link to give it a try!


  1. I have the Bethany Lace Bib Half-Button Blouse and LOVE it!

    1. I agree! I wore it for my oral arguments and I got so many compliments on it.

  2. I have the ivy feather print blouse, too! Like you I wasn't sure I liked it. But the 2nd time I tried it on I loved it :-)