Monday, November 14, 2011

Grad School Lesson #1

Well, I feel like a jerk. I wrote a post about how much schoolwork we grad students get, but then we get a week off of homework. Dang.

So, now I've decided to keep a running, improvised set of lessons from grad school. Perhaps these tidbits will be useful to you. Or... perhaps not. But, for the sake of knowledge, my first lesson is:

Lunchables are made for children, and do not make a good meal substitute.

I was hungry the entire day, and the sugar from the dang thing put me in a very silly mood. Case in point: this picture made me laugh for way longer than it should have....

Hmmm... I really should have wolfed down some caffeine, just to see the awesomeness that would have ensued. But, alas, I didn't, and I spent the rest of the day giggling in my office. I wonder what my office mates thought about that...

Also, do not touch other people's erasers.

Don't even do this by accident. Some grad students are very territorial about this.  Even if it's not their erasers.

Until next time, happy computing. I'll be kicking my computer in anticipation of the next post. :)