Thursday, February 26, 2015

February 2015 Stitch Fix

Guess what arrived on my doorstep yesterday? My Stitch Fix!

I'm actually kind of shocked that I'm writing this so quickly. I usually find it hard to squeeze in the time to write reviews, but this week is my winter break (which means freeeeedom to write whatever I want!).

If you don't know what Stitch Fix is, check out my intro post. Here's my past fixes (that I've put up on this blog):

December 2014
January 2015
January/February 2015

This month I asked my stylist for jackets and casual dresses.  Here's what Shan sent me:

Roosevelt Moto Jacket:
This was the first jacket I pulled out of the box. I paired it with a scarf I received in my last fix, jeans, and a white T-shirt.

I've always had trouble styling jackets. I moved to New Hampshire from the hot desert of Tucson, Arizona, so currently I'm wearing jackets that are warm but shapeless. Ultimately I'll always choose warmth over style (sorry, it's COLD here!), but I'll be able to expand my outerwear choices when it starts to warm up a little.

I like the style of this. It gives a little edge that makes my basic outfit look more put together than it really is. However, this jacket is too small. I can zip it up, but only if I hold my breath. The sleeves are also squeezing my arms, making it very uncomfortable. For these reasons, I had to send it back.

Verdict: SENT BACK

Rhonda Knit Back Faux Leather Jacket: 

This was the second jacket I pulled out, and its leather! This is actually a grey - rather than black - leather jacket, which makes it a little different from most other leather jackets. It's also soft and pliant. I've been thinking about getting a leather jacket for a while now because it's something everyone should have in their wardrobe.

Also, I've been watching a lot of Supernatural and Gordan Ramsey shows lately, and those shows both rock leather jackets. What can I say? I like to dress like my heroes. :)

I actually really kind of love the look. Like the moto jacket above, it makes my plain outfit look more put together than it really is.

Verdict: KEPT

Christy Layered Bauble Necklace:

I pinned this on my Pinterest board. I'm glad my stylist was able to pick up on this and include it in my box. I love mint green for spring.

Verdict: KEPT

Melinda Textured Dress:

Like the jackets, Stitch Fix sent me two dresses. When I first pulled this out of the box, I thought it looked boring. Like... Really? Grey? Yawn...

But I liked the fabric and the cut of the dress, so I took my stylist's advice and paired it with the mint green statement necklace and a contrasting belt.

And voila, it made a huge difference! Stylists really do know what they're talking about, ha ha! I ended up really liking this dress.

Verdict: KEPT

Petrova Textured Pleat Skirt Dress:

This dress is actually a gorgeous color of green (I adore this color sooooo much - too bad my camera had trouble picking it up). It's also made of a nice fabric with some weight to it.

However, I don't think this style of dress is flattering on my figure. My boyfriend simply looked at me and said "no" when I put this on. Apparently, he says, I look like "someone from the Wizard of Oz." While I wouldn't go as far as Phil, I do think that perhaps the skirt is too full or the top part of the dress doesn't flatter my bust or... I don't know. I think it does make me look short(er).

The skirt is pretty swingy though, which makes it fun. :)

Also, I had a lot of trouble zipping this up. It's not because the dress is too small - the zipper just gets caught easily as I pull it up. I'd need another person to help me into this dress... For these reasons, I had to send it back.

Verdict: SENT BACK


I'm always struck by how well Stitch Fix follows my requests and Pinterest board. I asked for jackets and dresses, and I got two(!) of each. While I'm not entirely sure the dresses are as casual as I would have liked, they're machine washable (which is a HUGE plus) and can be worn as everyday wear in my law classes.

And I'm more than slightly excited to sport the leather. :)

Thanks Shan!

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  1. that moto jacket is super cute, but obviously no bueno if it doesn't fit!! that grey dress looks fabulous on you :)