Sunday, September 25, 2011

The World Is Beautiful

This past week was a bit stressful. I felt like I was running around doing things, but not really accomplishing anything. Things happened that were out of my control. 

Sometimes it's hard to let these things go.

Sometimes it's hard to keep going through grad school, because I realize how little I know. Sometimes I get caught up with trying to be the best, when the "best" is some ficticious concept we all made up.

I remember when, as an adolescent, I picked up a telescope and stared at the wonders of the sky. I felt pretty good about myself. Then I went through high school and college and got into a great grad school. University of Arizona is the $#&%. Everybody is intelligent. Everybody is passionate. Compared to these people, I felt at best average. Suddenly, being good wasn't... well... good enough. I wanted to be best. It wasn't enough to pick up a telescope anymore and have fun.

Ah...  the shackles I imprison myself in!

So, this morning (while procrastinating on starting on some homework), I was surfing through some youtube videos. I stumbled on one made by the amazing photographer Terje Sorgjerd. I don't know if everyone has already seen this video, but I think it's breathtakingly beautiful. It reminds me that the world is beautiful and that it's more than made-up definitions of success. But enough of me, I'll let you decide for yourself (only, I highly recommend you go full screen on this one).

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